rumpus ruckus!

Cop  a walk    ~ tell the old bag to go cop a walk! the old shingdagger ! the sin waffler the truck__  is this what you do living alone? love all the women! ring all the pages rough up all he squires  this way love's a dirty stewardship! Ahoy maties the gullible rivers temper our season galloping by the tough   and .. well, clonhking knight! is that it? he hefts a jewel thief high in the cusp of the moon's fractured fawn! Ole! a bull! a beef! a bullion! gold for your cressted knaves.. Come along my fancies, you are the one who saves the false from the true.

Bearing along the ogre's obscure route...

 For a moment Mona's a  husband feeling her hands how her hands around .. her arse.. and the plenty starved buttocks .. there.. the pantry of lust  she cl.d have yes, the talking buttocks and the peach squeeze of her sex ....

O sex O squeeze we been loving for months!~

__________________ Up her panties around her thighs. The ever suave chinese  lover of yore  ~

______________________________A nd more therefore Jill's ontologies are sexual erotic .