around the flanks

 Jill's moving her hurry alongself. The platitudes of missives song and other brains. The double brain! come along my hearties... let's sail for braver daughters....
"Scuttle the ship of pated imbeciles was not her idea!"__ this way you peek not reek the sullen bate. And congregate your cheering crowd hustle and bustle to the foxglove. something like that. Jug . and the remaindered forfents combine their thing . Jug. ANd will their parents to the gloam of climate and movement's best udder, its friendly passing  a tearful o f hankies. And pockets to keep. Keep them! Jill blunders glass eye to a pier filled with assault boat. "Crude coat of  war and pigs."

A tearful of  sights to her seeing.  

O rest knight ripost and repose your lance and field. Trouble comes to end and summer's ear is room for love's patter  ~ every wellkin's a lover.