hussy hussar

Jill picking her diction apart tweezers in hand: Pivoting the  . The thing. Blocked by terrier  and dogs. The letter a thing heard and reft of its provision priorities a muck.! Moiled as any tearing nylon sock.

Fanny hammering. Become what you am ~ Amn't I sayings its the dispirited river four times and the metronomic time tells.  Upriver boy Upriver and rove your tearing might.

Jill loving a
hussar's  badge hidden in the glen  blackwatching ____________ it  ~

she cornered the avenue. Boulevard to the backdoor tenement of love's little cream. And less money! than capitialism's sow!

O timber and amaze her breasts.

_____________________And she slept with blue .And red cheeky bold as the brass bottoms her mama donned  ~ tears in her peepers but Ah! laughter the hidden blissed laugther of its going and returning   ~ .