of this obsessive novelty

Nothing came. Went it came nothing went. Observerd on knees . Nothing. Genuflected on knees scraping floor. Nothing . And observed statue of the Virgin Mother with . And nothing.

Okay hold your mouth _ what of that host that flew through the air? O and the bobby apples at nursery kindergarten school was it?

Dont pull the garden~ She turns to a foregone page . Yore its past pasted cartography  ~ a schizophrenic hijinks:

It was the forty seventh day of her request, the plateau of minding.

Texte ecrite et detourne.

Mona a vue cette texte, alors elle m'écrit une lettre si beau
si gentil. Si le fragment et le norme, c'est comme ca qu'on écrit, et la
norme deviens le manière de trouver des autres, et aussi de travaillez.

________________So dig them fragment blocs, them blog thing. Its the plural possesive of the horde pack on the beat  ~ Breast to beat its wholesome lute   ~.