bridal gown


Missive to her plain yolk. Debussy's flair along the Satie paths... flushes outward the in-lying implicating of their song... missing a letter find an alphabet.. the woman _ she was pregnant turned out! _ at the ward... four sugars... never finis ~ finished that coffee did she... there were cameras tucked away there in the corners

like little eyeballs stored away... a journoui of the blind and its dents... impediment s to the understanding the intelligent dont get..

Mona thrusts the cookie uP see her[e] Mister G~ oo ~ they got you warped out on the surveillance not unlike the veil there in the 'spectacl' of its clinging.. and so they name themsevels   word buster...phall fearing poets...
so thet is there name

Jill being woman names it alla  farces in panorama colour of the masters!

If! and a blunderbuss to cape their burnous fever!
O my  flooders! and the phonies that've rented their jeans and the d.n.a. of their dust along the Ville Emards and the plus of  their negatives.. the boxes of histograms.....

O the faun  ~  the faun leaps closely  ~ See HiM  ~

 Bounds across the StaGe ~ 

the old man weakening Oona presages her nape  ~

 Nota: As the critics've no time to create being about their busyness to interrupt and crude decide what's that what...w espend our times crouching close to the found mercy of its pleading ....

Lover   ~.


Is this a sortie or what?
along came down Jolicœur street and its avenues... thus the dark night its darkling avenue and plains...  ~ 


Every lover is a french dictionary

_________________________________________________ SO Mona's behavior patterns became known   ~.