spitting ton


Of all the gangsters I have known you are the best calumniator.  So the legal pads scribble . Incriminating every document. Hoped fors and not hoped at all. And between the buttons oodles of wax, odd pediments scrolled by the haptic never never land nerves and time...              Creepy beer belly bottom. A baton! you mean

to hurl Swining Jill raptured by the capture of the tomato counties.  and the war goes out.              Life to its randy feel, the hardest caper being the breath pitch.

Diagonal gnosis . Climb the wind wolf sidewise clamber . spider love red recluse of four arms double legged her kali goddess wait? Yer gait summers its longed for  wanting to screw and patient as the knit on the chemise....

Yes . She do he do the sheheredo.