Reeling the fish in. Outside peter's foret dada Alors les amis sont la .. on perds les cause et on gagne les enemies... elle ne comprends pas .. les adventures de l'alphabet... the elbows.... the cheen ... the heyes... a queen waiting .. over the foxglove.. the spaniels... say.. the nip of air round their netherest parts... and solemn coats of spain and coats of

___________jill walking back to the bibliothèque .. 1978 was the 4 year of treble returns...a trip abroad overseas in the abandoned money..

Mona came to lectures... the airs buzzing huzzah... students smoking.. circling the tents.. Houdini up by the podium....

this french is sweeter than hips galore gaylaswinging.. in a lover's fervent roll   ~