this way you create (not a gizmo)

Arseholes brought . Borne daily seconded by mule pigeons. Drafted in the stench of trench war fare. The arrogant queer and drug addict readying their selves for the lapse into the fort da dadada ~ Dumb lady C and the pompous ass of a wanna be suitor crouping her mayhem ~ the possessive nutcase of nouns and predicates, verbs and but, adverbs and nut casing

__________________ Rigging on the boat's cut loose... around the fairy stonework sedgework .. of the lawn? (cut the grass you asshole with yer own machine! ) (dead paranoia drifts in the cut ) ... brass workings on the ornate palace.. wainscotted narratives peeling 'their' tuckered tape....s omeone's rent this fabric fragmented its bitter fawn...

Is that it? _____Something o'those lines... crapped out ..beggared off ... crooked the cooees lover solo ~

A listing page figment to your itune ipodic molar gizzard ~