Rumble and tangle. Ring her hair. That night. tonight her mouth haaed to shush it. Her.
and beauty was. Name. And  O it was . Not to speak its. Of its caring.
Tare . And of tarry not love tarry not this talk. Spaced to its

Of this way her name . Breasts was. White . As pressing corn. White . Pressing milk

and sowed. Its infant cross the pass.

 Her explanations . And everonetwo knows the hopital jewish is . and no one knows
why but. it is. yes and that time. No not that time. That woman
                 at counter her beaded hair. Was it beaded? at the cash . Her
to know its love bead was flung in the air . Of its desire. My

                   and the best in the . and none know why. knowing they know ` it's best .


because because O i was ashamed.  because they are . the intelligent.
Gentle gent of the body of tears. that has seen. but has seen. not seen
has seen . not seen. the suffering black suffering. of whose tears.
are not seen. as seen its suffering its the small. it's the same.
suffering. but at the cafe . that Tim Horton's it's  yes, it's as so.
One has the impression

Of Franny's many multitudes.