O foolish creators of vines!

Mona  has a lesbian selfhood its mannerism are her main talk. Not becomg a cat or dog but a puppet on a  string hitched to the master of . Cerement  _ well ,, pissing herself she has to admit Lady G is in bed with  
                  her  _____ er. A nice couple of peaches they make A humped back whale couldn't be better. The first time Lady G did that was a ways back, and the same goes for Lady S. Now Mona hangs in the deep water of vertebration philop and has her hands 'lifted' with presence and near absence a transcendental god, not a dentist, is her trues hope and fondest wish. it's gloves off!

One night Jack gets home he's hot that is Jacky gets her underclothes off to uncover multitudinous _ How    
 many people are sleeping in my bed! She roared! her whiskers a tail wind in the cutting throat of . And then she and he came along the hood like any backwheeled page hustling her slang idiolect. She came in his head like a I guess you know what  . Apprehension and beauty is the duty of thiefs and honest to goddess she wont write here what cant be seen. Not being foolish she lives in the twentieth century.

If Jacky has a better deal it wont begin in these brief columns, nor in  the headlines of her bust size.