yet she was christing

Mona found a long lost note written by her Daddy. To her, and heralone. She knew Jill was her mother father. Her Fama Her fatima. HerFamamamatima. And she was Christ Deleuze of the thousand stories andstrobes.She openedher notebook one night and there was the note translatedin golden glittering letters. Something her mamapapa had left heras a legacy. How to Understand the thinkers!!! Mister Jean Fafafafa Lyotard called childhood' this movement that sweeps away language and traces an always greasy repressed limit of language to wit my very own dears : Infatia what does not speak to itself. A childhood is not a period of life and does not pass on. It haunts discourse...What does not allow itself to be written, in writing, perhaps calls forth a reader who no longer knows how to read, or not yet.... See__ See And Hear the bold word of something something belittled truth between .

So MIster Lickotardy writes . And she rewrites it to her own hymn . Mister Proust he gone home. Childhood beckons its bricken. O witchs and staves! We tire of those blocs and booms and catholic canes.

So Mona always find a place between thinkers where her selves the word grievers strode the way. And so it was . And she was. and so was theDada Christ Deleuze with Jean-Francois and their divagations and ....This little quote may be found in the beautifully translated Critical clinical essais ___________

B___________________ yes indeed she was word to match her pride of lion. Her pdf in black and white like any camera maid.

But t really it was her chilhood, her infatiawhich enchanted enraptured. So she became a lover to the lovers . And Mona knew these words translated through the byways of scrollsunravelled in time space over space times cyber word were her DaddyDeleuze's last words to her. Then her Dada, said, she said, her dada saidher Maman said, I ain't got no Mama Papa. Well she aint got this and she aint got that she saint to boot her rhyming pairs of yelling to timber the greeks come tumbling down Yellow. That Yangtze river and pride.