... in winter...

____________________O the spring came in winter .

This way its pears. Not peach. Or risky high flute notes. And inside her lover bunkbed there are three, not merely two.

Two is snoring, and she cant abide snoring! Lordy knows snoring brought down Caesar and her minions. She won't have a Caesar fit, its enough with casuras median medial and otherwise. She's gifted to the apocalypse but not slums.

Any girl knows this, even women. All the dresses in Turkey wont change that, will it now, you wicked thing. Shes backed off to bottom and booted the ranky wind to the sky. the sky is a boring tenement at times, but its better paid rent than none. This way she can make love with the two, she loves. They are two they are one they are three, and with this number of lips, no one ever goes with out.
Its schizoanalysis scissors with a vengeance! Of love. And pas de resentiment .