In that accent Mona heard ... she herd a cow. Then Krishna at the hospice. Or cowries. Buddha bowing bronco busters, and Angie at the dance, sucking my tongue. Two lovers in one dance hall. Benares and the plate of Love. The Buddha and the Budapest song, what is forbidden verboten. In Paris, in the late fall of 73, she heard then running took a leap acorn across the coffin of Europe. Of we come to India. Yes, siree, it was very free, and gnostic. Took. She call Lady Eleanor a whoremaster sapphic sister, ironing her shirt. How to make a buck a day in chandala land.

Dude says to her I ama temple hooker, I got the book and degree and the hookah if you got the time. Found the piece of gold left her wringing hands over the Tibetan ice snows. Headed to Afghantistan that year, for carpet and hats. You know the kind she say. Plateau 1973.
accented to the future

MOna's made candies for all parisians and in Toulouse she was a slut cambering th e hips of schizomogeneis and the flat hill of immanent slayer of dragons and bear meat.

Met he master there.