JIl ode and does

Jill does the dance of th e seven odes. Which means it's time for soup.Cosmic soup as it ladles its washing hay down the throat ofthe universe. Nothing will stop it_ neither bird plane nor superman, overman, overwoman, ___ overbecomers all and one. One? Nay two and tree and round the tree wheel they turn __ bucking crime and spending tickets to nirvana!____________________ a ticket in any case, to an Event____ become its rhythm speed. The race to course its brilliant banana peel that is the love the peeping show desire's busted cocoon wombcacoomcomb__________ One should and does add bandanna ooh lala coo coo . As a pigeon to a wharf_________________

This way love's scene and obscene its crested fallen baboon? Is she a baboon that feminised and genderized the whirled? is t whirled my irish baleen?||||| Mona skitters you cant spell
(perhaps god then is a femine air-plane of inconsistency flued in her maternal glue __)
Mister OrpHographEE.
KIss My rear ass preferred mode of recape! Cape my ass on a chewing block! I have seen the Acheron and know ghost butts are frilly but real________and rill to reel she's yanked in the Platonic stock.