what became

Beauty what happend to 29?
Well, you see its a symbolical number. And we keep mum about these american hustlers. stumbled over the slavynavies. and twenty nine being the magic nuMber Mona is wary of her

face coming across the table. She's worn the magic bullet long enough. She's not hungry for men that 'long' enough, and she's paid off her ticket, to the Buster of griping and gew-gaws. She's

not the grim and fattened reaper, she's better than that. Shes not. She combinatory not paranoid toryreterried.

Was she absent?

Hardly dear .

She's been in paris with her lover Hector, . O hector, what the heck.
Why dont you see so before the time off. well, we cant predict these buttoking asslickers!

behind the scene