Wagon Wheel

Nothing pleases more than that! it's gotta be a square dane! you tarnation fool!

She quotes herselves in the fourth persons this way the stop sign's vivid.

then, said Jill passing it along along to the suite of textand poems._______________________Is that it to know longing for what you can't haveknowing it's far further thestory of the strong one long awayhungering for her lipsthe shadow of the sidenarrows its breadthHow you yearn long shored to negative selfno one therethe space betweenwhere nowhere walks between?Sometime I longedpassionate prayerdom to failure and treacheryfrozen a phoneconnection click-click-clickaround the bodies trapped behind spaceO yes, some say take a train, a planecause 'my baby longed for me without saying'and I was hungrier, colder lousier than the nightor 'my baby she wrote me a letter' your letters stripped across spacesure tricked me, deceived like any mother wouldthe inevitable table of evilcountries, borders ,"