The things you say are very nice. Poetry architexture textual tones. yes and employployment for the masses! but what about the insanity the violence of daily life... the rude insantiies which force us to deny ... deny! that's a damn word to describe anything.. you cant use that frigging thing here.. Kant yes, ImmanuELLE cant hold her ass right UP.

She's dogged to the 25cent MOON. A capital piece of furniture if I've ever seen anything. And the others who leave you abandonded in a room the size of a sqaure cell while they lounge round in ten room homes on the boulevard saying they cant do anything. of course not it might disturb their shitty comfort.

The cities of. the virtues of cramped spaces my ass O come along you hipless won yur sweet ass wagging in the wind at Jack. Jack's jilled but not rogered by love.

Beloved glove.

Hamburgers at the lesbian run restaurant old sort of reministcent throw back to nostalgia of late 50s early 60's : RETRO I buy all your Clothes Right aFucken way.

its a paperback honey and she's lying sloped by his knees.