roar to

Roar to your phony song| you brew baser. than the wall. of their cruel banishment. Yes the yew tree is not the adder's pate. Nor the juke box of the planes of misery. You silent pyramind and puff ot the presto servo mechanism!

|||||||||Jill comes home no telephone
Franny's wearing a rat's ass. And the bitch next door has not a knot to spare. And she's got no feet the bitch! For crying out loud what the shit is going off here?

______________Mona fucks out the landlord capitalist pigdog of shitbogdegressdegrees aND the fucken waste. A house by any other death is the nameof the . The thing which spent the last dime black and white waitess

____________She moved in with Jacky. They had multiples in their you know what Idont mean prurient nor the dissident dowries of bad bloggers! but hairpins across her knees! whips across her ass!

Kissing the other ... while he did it ...that way...

then that...
and after....


The purser after all is a legendary something or other across the violin's battered case.