this is no gorge

 Close the door Jill. Open the faucet Franny we're bearing down on fate. Destiny's the tide o auld lang syne _ Aye if you drop an E its becomes lang and lange and its enunciated differently... the history of Europe's like that  a tide of accents and diamond dialects....  trucking around accents in the   ... continent of war and love... its paste and assumed superiority plundering all in its path destroying and pissing on it ... and its own excruciating beauty driving it ... mad crazy to war drop an E and made becomes Mad mad nomad crazed across its seven isthmuses... and the Porsche lined death labs... this   muttering of death wish and hope... fear  terror and horror at the end blank spot of time.. the evasive thing getting away from us always and .. She trumps her card, pissing away the fair stones of weather and blocking cards...

At the nuthouse bins of bob and boobies. madwoman haggling for medicine and med.s. A little chop chop might do her good, and shes got assholes waiting in line. Heaping her trap and tray with fairies and meds galore. A schizo in anyother parlance 'd be a hooker without a nave, sans organe partout.

its a shitty life if you can get it! An orderly spraying mace on that castrated cuckolded fuck by the wall... an orderly with no reading skill....s  its kil l and kilter and the thorazine shuffle...    cat and mouse shrink and doctor do gooder all wantihg to burn their suffering soul .... out....
_________________As an au pair woman of sacrifice and what not Jill gives them a piece of her sexy .... supple body.. she's schizo on the high trough ground moneyed to her arse... Franny gives her the bill. Sending it back to Felix at La Border clinic where the dead men shiv.

---------------------------- Mona wonders about this, just like she wonders about the big boss at Semiotexte.