Picture__________ the old  campaigns_________that were not solid after all . _________________  what were they when it came down to it?    And the buswhacks. And bedevilemtns of food and sausage. And the tinned meat and sauces. and the randy things in the village. or the hungry mangled one. Mangy to her Mister Nemesis Mona two times, and Jill the Feet and Johnny the Hook, and Mary the apostrophe and Jill the superme simulacra. Mona heard of sober sobriety and loved her duel with it.

And this asscrack was so deep. It furrowed the monstrous stars overturning the odour of adverbs, Lent and plentry of soup. Saying why should a fucken comma go here, rather than there. Where her belly button piercing went.

I've always done things 
twice its bitter that
says lettuce leaf Jill.

My repetition's gooses the swan.