Take this virgin and her plate; vergin' on thee southern bind . Clutter to its pineal fortitude planed by the airfield of lime and the never nether land of

ring and tune. Not .Saunter its plentitude and the beckoning peace. The piece of Decemebr and the king of. And she shares that splenetic down beast. First east o f her Eden and the tree, some call names wishing to tis Eden the god garden lost its fate a simple symbol of its pricking.

Mona hears this in the maypole beside the beanstalk Do you climb trees then whilst studying geology learning to write erudite epistolaries and withal the night is a calm clamour!

Mona's a silly womb barely conceived by the piton of an idea , say God and the seventy four thousand thieves The restless night willows and the apocalypse.

(She'll be your lover yet says Franny)

Take the virgin restless as snow ~