when Mona and Jill

When Mona and Jill first got together they were students studying but now they were men, and men were women most of the time, when they let the waving boots of their skirts show, or when lovely waved curled faces spoke back to the bollard which held them to the ground of identity identity kit, gender, social insurance number, "medicare" card, grave yard number, high school graduating book, photos from previous lives and love, strange hotels from the dream, hot water bottle between the mud that Albert flungs__ hoping for the maritime people of the sea to win a war that could not be fought, not be won. And one and one was two when you won the fingers and figures right that made you count right as lisping number was her name and game, and O my love you are there O thou, when Mona Jill first saw her name in stars between the double disjunction of Christ and Jesus Oedipus and Jesus Christ Deleuze sailing out the window with Spinoza there to greet him as he shot down a bolt out of space into space becoming a crucifix flying falling, a bolt a crucifix shaped by Spinoza shaped figurine that waS Spinoza the old philosopher entering the grave with his name on the grave, shooting from out of the sky, a firing, a velocity, a hit, hit upon the ground cracking, sundering open : yes, Jesus Crrrhist Spinoza Deleuze with Guattari schizz-flows included, and when she saw that she knew her future lay in the future of men, and she said well I wont drink anymore, but answer your posthumously posed questions Claire, as I am your nomad bastard fathering - a ebb becomed man then changed sex of soft skin, asking her for a light, and she thinking it was a come on, if only she was, if only it was, of only it was Claire and the others. O My Parnet!! How many eyars ago it was seeing your book with him in 1977 or 79 when I was still with the big G, you can't get away from the Big G!