jill heard about a flourish

She minds reminds fate number from another life time
love flowed like the numbers of the day and
you were there -- but through this scrappy life of mine
nothing's been clear

Some wig shouting:

"this isn't much of a poem is it , with weak hands
weak feet weak knees not knowing what to do next
not knowing which way to go
hearing the great roar in their graves
and past"

hauled him up in a basket to her love
that was love like in the old days
goes on now and heard the trumpets

Flourish which calls its name

Jill heard about the great coupled called History and began to love her name and named her love and when A and C were seen to her she saw it was their fortune to love faithing believing everything was a rivered possible laved with the intent of their force sex and .. So it was and she was and saw; and One piece it was of a garment ripped cutting her face and breast for love of him and his loves. O Jill O Mona who loves history in her hindmost parts. What a racket and racketting it was to Love with a capital or not a knot to twist and turn sinew your pages of stealth and health. Not like this thing the lunatic lover and poet shamble and shanked by full moon and hangover vows from the monasteries. After the primal dance the monkey the ape of love ape me. My One THousand Plateaus.

Or something like that. You see honeylovers, the bellloud trade.