Mona recumbent

Mona recumbent incumbent, the devils of talk waited the stage of history the bloodied children, screaming the rag of coats grief scream of voice many. cannot say.

you know a victory short, the devils, win , where got its foot in the face, threats by bad guy always against good guy create |

numbness in the face, bomb whistle overhead, missle crash blam, tank rumble smash
smash rumble smash rumble rumble smash this house this house this house this ceiling will crash 'll crash 'll crash the kid inside the women the 8 kids the the 7 women the female speaker of the house of the death of baby but democracy will tout its honest ethical trsyt of bodice the direction of Commune the direct of the characters scrawled headlong over page, listening to the bodies and inthe Strip brushed by death by death by death brushed by death by brushed heading down death its the time to end its seizure of lie and lie of baby crying in the head, one can, of Senate and heart, the House of Commons and the bay, over there the ship bounding the death walk, the bombs walking along the shore, where is the
people that walked the lake of Love and protest?
is she incumbent to love_ all colour all creed all walk

all faith

_ Now get out of there by midnight tonight _ curving Moon of Love
_ Curved Moon of Love
Sweet one of thy