The nuns Fiction

Of the list please there are many here who study at Roma --here in the
seminarie --in the theologie and who are not unaware felix guattari and
gilles deleuze who have some written about theologie and of christ. why does
the mockery of theology apprehend your ideas. So not all are conforming to
the lawes of the magisterium, and many, like Hans Kung are wavering and
silence against their volitions. Aas I and others also are . Grace to all in
the list, and we are some sisters who are reading these radical
philosophes!so do not be too despair,but have your faith.

-To continue: for all of you who come to my gnostic
breast for nourishement from the double-sided sex.
: The three errors concerning desire are called lack,
law, and signifier. It is one and the same error, an
idealism that forms a pious conception of the
unconscious." This is for the dear "n'uns" of the
list. These sisters sound like they need a good old
fashioned catholic chastisment of the flesh. That
might clear their heads of this drivel. I continue to
cite: It is futile to intepret this notions in terms
of a combinative apparatus that makes of lack an empty
position and no longer a deprivation, that turns the
law into a rule of the game and no longer a
commandment -- Do you hear this Dear Buttocks Maria
and Sister Prudence?? --, and the signifer into a
distributor and no longer a meaning, for these notions
cannot be prevented from dragging their theological
cortege behind--insuffiency of being, guilt,
signification.:" A/O. p 111/ By the way we continued
this theme of the priest and the madness of lack in
M/P.. So dear ones, find a priest to fuck from behind
and then you go to the clinique for help. Or leave the
monatery and go read DeSade. Or marry some thing. Or
see the movie by Hal Hartley called Najda. Or the
other one with the nun who writes pornography for a
living and witnesses a murder. She still believes in
god of course, because that is not the issue Prudene
and you can tell that to all of Bernard Lonergan's
jesuit flunkeys. We know very well who he is, and who
DeChardin was. Do you think we would be so ill-read as
not to know? Come kiss the lips of Jesus, one two
three four fuck Jesus up the bum. Deleuze will give
your immaculate sodomtic baby.

With your great affection an