Ulysses one fifty

Ulysses one fifty I saw you I saw you in two in strange distorted voices sawing zzzz zzzz then rings around the rosy the rosary beads and the roasting beads and roasting head of the virgin cannibal heart skewed on a stake faggots piled up at the feet Joan of Arc her sweet lips eyes eyed by my desire my cock lipped by her mouth I saintly Jesus sucked out by her I saw I saw you I saw I saw I saw and saw I see-saw

Will Jill and her stochastic Spinoza have approved and Franny and her entelechies have danced the ineluctable modalities of boats and seas with the yes of mermaid and murmurs of mothers in the roll me round the earth belly dada come rum-rum made me home Would anything had been so kind in the D of Libido and rodeo Rodeo not video around the sarcastic liver of grooved moved and tubed coasting under the side of the feminine rhyme and rhymster hipped by morpheme and deranged comfort O my feet my feet my feet! inside my blood and needles and pins is not the thing its wherewithal of zero and zany . O zero and Zerro! of chevaliered childerhoods. I have reported thee to the sun things like those must be heard to be relieved, and I am soft rift of cannibal waits. I am the heard one which peeled and peeped back his face, and she is the learned by the abyssm mysterium tremendum tremendyumdyum! Reeled by rivers and water wagons Not the summer long when Satan -- poor soul sod! -- deterritorialized the free moving energy of capitialism to make space for his evil soul -- porting his sad Protestant hat against the Catholic god of monotheism a disease like Mono Mono and Mono is high fideity you could say against sisters and mothers. O Ulysses be my shadow in this fallow rounding land of huggers and muggers!