Jill is...

  Jill is like Jack they go up then down the hill. with a bucket full of water. But the night is a daring thing with rivers galore to it. She's different than her father who's warned (her) of high tide and malarkey.

   But what of that? she's wondered often her self to her self the din of drumming tartars making breakfast as the orient rises, and her teeth wonder.

Too perhaps. But not a nod to the thing in-itself nor the elbows eloquently placed on the table. That's raining by the enormous kennel of the forest.

    Or a word close to it. A word close to it and it's packing and preparing and swearing lunch bags must fit into the open sack. That's the way it goes in that normative sun in. where the wheat shine? who  are you kidding you mayhem monkey an this tornado.

______________________________ | Okay Mona has no one to speak about this totem nor this rotating fish that's blanking every spoon. Each spring that emerging comes along as any seasonal strut would and the clandestine hidden of age's better known product. Being what if I may ask Fanny's turn turn and turn around. A season of control and patrol.  A thing must keep its word or there's no one left to hide.

Fanny might be flat-cheated downright looking like a regular barber's pole but she's got a butt to make up for it.
her hips were made to lather! meaning smooth as butter for a lover's  what shall I say rubbing, eloquence? a simple make over in the passing of camp. Ovaries and sequins  suspeneded in night. And she's the knight hidden by the fox tracking down the trespassers, bears, growling things, prowlers coming off a run, and something else, silver, chalices, plates of bronze, bas-relief calenders and onyx and gold tipped teeth. And her heels are glimmering shining under her sandals.

 Now back to the philosopher . what were you hinting at for to become commiserating in your lambkins.

A philosopher was recommending that the written word was not trustworthy! well was he now, indeed he was.
                               A feathered cap ! it was controlled by a thief and her bandolero.