Jill had her gill

 Jill had her gill. Her g enetic bode rhyming with code mustering over the clear clean sky. Adjectives. Not ject with the trill of

   her shadowing body burning

    Jill had a hound dog a  way of life. She's cluttered in the white between  g  and the note clarion  D. Shes' hugger mugger to its state. She's Mona to her jennyanydots.

What happened to jennyanydots and her heart felt worship?

Crackled between the empirical and hysterical she's got the riverread rush. the whoosh of its such a prorogued sound of parlez vous she can't eat.

Ovver you mouth! Mona come it to my back and  the hard king by the thing.

Call it a hotdog crush and Time's Duration. Or the body of paradox or bead and whip. Something. A mouth filled with water? No that word not good enough. Rye field? wheat? spending that loot on those vaccine she does . fitter sister than that, Antigone. A reign on her head. Not the elite but the complete  god as they are. Farther than Opps the p.a. system is broke.

Rain falling and Franny's got her goose.