A dream body


Jill has a body but it's a dream   she's reckoned it's a fork in the road? a positive thing possibly . Trying to catch the objectivity of     thing? trying to catch the objectivity of things.

it's that river flowing out of her head

A dream body not the quantity of dates .

 What does that to do with philosophy and the daily heart ache of living. Plodding or breaking down the street your knees

   the night the air
                        the non-traveller   .

   But you can't see between the eyes.

   What's that Jill doing with? a  lost pagette . It's got to do with bikinis and banana ? a rink round the sudden sud, the kid shitting  his pants on the way  home a double long walk with cross eyed Linda, hey the best  ~ .

_________________ Now that's fiction as it's never been exposed. A bright gleam a shine a widdershin cloaked in bight and blight has borne the fafafafafffixed fortune

~  _____________________