Should anyone

If anyone had a way of becoming its Jill. Startled by  night  she holding a  furbelow and her hip shine wave.A knock knee savior  and shes naked under her dress skirt pantaloon with her shiny boot ass. A glowing in the dark with a ten cent love affair.And everything that makes her breast sucking work. O mouth O con O canting rose of the total humbug: take off your make-up!

                   ___________________ and the trolley__ the torn underlined page

  but her dress and  a steak house lover . coughing in the dawn morning to rift her sunshine.a gasp of sky
   and the reeling thing  . Not the bad guys and the dying dumbass war and gummed amounting to nothing.

And Jill worries the feet off her lawyer. Shes press ganged by whipping tormented  a catholic suckers bait not philosophy's tender and  rare moment.

A shook a wook and a book!

wake her up to the  cluttered fleer.

              and the goverment sigh