A meaningful operetta


Mona's pluralistic part-time that's not wharfed by the partial dent o f sideass
becoming. A tart to play her day a tune ringing her night.

Pluralistic Mona when she's got time.

             J I took you to bed in my mouth on paper. Thank you thank you very much for          becoming a full mouth of verse and not a curse or what's worse hanging to the edge of                         the bed with a book of beads and gum. As any other thing becoming  a pear a bitter clove a stranger becoming holding her head neighing                      

back from the nave of the hanging ridge and  a flaky sun too    ~

                                 O Jill!~ O  buttocks! O veins!~ dont waste your mouth on  bourgeois dreams! The word tucks its merit to her face killing the instant of postcopulation bills and bliss makes its way out a long way ~

Is there a  beat to this concession a woman pushed up against a wall will strike back! If she cant find another road through won't she? 
a twisting cloud crumbling at her feet leaves the tearful Christ alone a son at the dogmoon's bone wondering what can  come of this.