Jill crowns the hill of lost achievement and missing.  And that neighborhood.

She coaxed and fossicked the hollow gully trode 'mesate' the rocks and broom and knew she was doomed. Talking to few schizoid alcoholics was a double cross game __ tossed in the air by personality and place. and the dead boy with his banjo already embracing death. A north easterly blowing cruel on her bending body body bending and the assholes grabbing the tiller . Of the beat. Wrecking a near miss and a continual smooth ride and was real versus.Now if you're going to be a prospecter searching out gold better to get your knees capped then wait for the smooth ride. And she looked dead-eye hate to him with her eyes deadeye and the boy was doomed . to foreshadow and his own death. and the mother muck, shitfuck to Oedipus eating her own farrow. and the old bitch hauling off another turkey chase for her . breast was coming soon. to the imminent death of her turning. and this was the pain of begin alone. and the cops were everywhere bullying the death instrumentation and moraling the true freedom. And B.C. and A.D. became what was the clandestine event of its becoming which you thought was true for so long  and now nor more nor less the running down periscope . Of the world and its tomahawk dictators. and the unequal fairness of the one alones and the assumption of equality no justice existed and the Bastille day coming for theirs and the chop chop shop shop.

And  Jill found her ass on the side of the pill. Breaking its nether teeth for her grasp.