mental case

 In a  mental case world of thugs and low lifes what can one expect but that a piece of shit takes advantage of dollars flowing from an old lady's purse. The cousin dozen of shit and sin motivates the villain pretensions asking for  akick in the arse, and a smack in the head, and his day's coming the coward ... he'll saunter to the metro this week.. and crack pop bang dumb-bang gone to his shit face sore nose... attitude like his it's a wonder hasn't happened previous ...phoney bastard this ugly fakes blackmailing women with their violence old maid lady N. and Lady Lea the others all falling for his crap... god talk disguising violence and bullying... Mona sees and pulls the lance that'll cut his source, his connection stopped at its source... goodbye asshole.. no glory hole for you fuckhead... bully boy bum ass shit toadying to the stronger muscle man to the weak.. dry drunk pretender your cake was chock a block with alcohol...

                   Jill holds her head high. Its the headway that counts moving numbers backward as the church reels from spinning cinnamon crime to another. Is this the annunciation of the flesh the denunciation of the spirit? The transcendental god his dentition bashed to mish mash crrashes to the tumbling ground.
    In theory there are asslyums for the mad but not for the stupid. They crunch their way across the arses of time.