Mona's cacophony was not a Supplement nor a sYmPathee Nor a StandArd s'PElled mell in its ornament of orthographic uniFoRMl. BUrgess t o merit her singing wrong.
Sweet thing comments "The first leg of a long journey. A fellow swimmer, a needle in the eye, a stack on the ribs. A kick in the pants to fate. Fuck them if they can't take a joke. A bleary bloo! Come say hello " And re comments "The ravings of a delirious lunatic? the shredded wheat of dictation? a premise gone wild? Sir! keep up yer spirits! sud your soap!" But the lover parlays her soup!

Garrulous gangly girl. She's loved by soup and many. And this kitchen maid knew many . Punking it up in her balcony of gay missives and high tides .