Is Jill a popinjay

Well if she's not then she's a jack in the box.  Okay she's a shepherd a sherpa a goose gawper. Something alone these tilting . Treading mills. Worried amethyst.

 If she ambles its to find the end of the thread. Kick off that escape clause baby we're on the lam. Jill: not the woolly of the Lamb! bam. but the huckster sheep in the dark of knight. A night was hiding hiding and she rode to the Knight Stunned Perforce with the  decidedly cellose tar goats. 

Okay she returns afterward only to find her true love is a soap dish.
                      Let's get to the regatta a swollen gate is waiting ages to its posse clamour. O hammer Clamor! and  bossed steel!

_________________ Forward ladies backward gents!

Heave your coarser horses forward.