this way

This way
and that get rid of I not I no more me_ We are not and a .

We are _ a direct line ________________________________

Shush your little winding sheet Cinderella anchor your thoughts on the blam down boom down they say they say you are the rose that's trained our woe. And who is the I steams putter far off from the window that wolf in disguise as a frog and the world's pain and earthquakes in the country bleeding bells tilling the tolling bleeding forever bedded down with pain and bleeding bleeding island country ever bled down with pain

O country of vengeance and revolt your pain's brought you grief brought you down

again they're frightened of you O country

Jill screamed the crying news
the head in the body under the block pounded... the inexplicable pain of its lying the economy created this quake as
man and nature are one now...

there's a method in the course of things....

Jill's geology is fractured with lanes, hatreds, longings, wished for hopes, a desire to stamp out despicable capitalism's murder of country and people and people and people. This bleeding dry of the living for the dead the wake for the dead at the expense of the living