Jill's jug

Jill's head's on her shoulders however she wants to have fun and fuck. That way no one can see her name especially her girlfriend. Not the deterritorialized post of living loving stamps but the wet space of her same.Double lovers. Double head, four arm and leg, she's swung round the vein of Paris' legs. Shes a lover in two parts. Forging then forgoing forgetting her name.

Forgetting means consuming producing recording or something with the speed of thus. Shes faster than speed but late because of it. She's the lover Oooh-la-la getting her ears pierced for the wedding of love's triple. None find a text this deconstructed by love's bitter potty! Mona's a twisted sort of lovey-dovy smooching her gal's lips. See the sea of her round about waist and the legs . If another lover came to find these they'd find nothing not a thing anything to . Not substance or gruel, but the barbarian wheat of her song.

A seduction of this sort takes time. Following along the willow the river the pushed up grass, and the long hair of the meadow's culvert its bed of . She can't lay store up against it nor fight it, shes running low and down and dirty this hot lady and her lancer.

She's the one of last winter, the one of the last winter snows. So don't ask where last winter's snows are. Don't ask, don't .