of the becomings

and their rare distance and these other airs that prime. or give way and pull the corner. the coign . not closer but farther clutching its remote. not . no not .that but. other matters. covering the things. with a sure sign of their fallow nature, and the patterning crisp rain. and the valley and inland when puffs of it follow you . not near. again gain ground. Of something like this Jill forecasting her rain. Forecasted rain. Held up the elected figure, not the finger. but the town cry , its village mention. No memory , no, memory.

At this rate there is come to meet again its clear to balance out after you've payed out your ticket, keep the bill the receipt. On the air of receipts we sat and flattered ourselves it'd work. Not soft, but the burr with a shade of fine over the top of its accent.

Jill's writing the memoir of the tornado.

She comes to her apartment finding Franny. In . And
Mona there looking out of the window.

The weather's improved.