does a woman have mercy?

  __      Gille  Difference was reading Lacan a d ay one day a asignified at a time unfolding 
                                                               (but he never read him really it was more like he razored him!
if one and two can say sothus, its the catatonic brilliant knight horse!) (burstingwithlight) 

said was  it's a 'tory s'tory as I told about group reading of Antioedipus this was a story as the fiction's

Did  a  woman have mercy ? her veiling trailing

A woman can't be Shakespeare so must make herself . Yet  poverty or paralysis'll dog  her  life but not to trot  but to tear up the streets along Sherbrooke   (my turf! someone said it was resonating my turf) (I loved that man) street the night of longer distance hunger the golden mile the long distance street of loneliness

   That must be Jill's hug memory she's memoried a strong box tale of a dog. yes, Moses was the caliber my lover. A smell taste of near to forty yrs later. That's a smell!

    What she forgot her curliecue ear but her remembered the other smells. 

No, that's too dramatic by half. Wasn't like that at all was it now? Shipping down Montreal from Parais and the boxes of night and