it's because of rhizome i found them. are 'they' the affects of a machine, desire territories? that question's posed itself as the round wing of a moment's fleeting footing .

                         sometime under


Lower that vehicle gently .. we're coming in for a landing .. watch that stratasphere rotating...

                                        of the naked. but the clothed, the silk , the suited . O dependents. O departments you

                     went the way of suit

                               research / row after row / the same the same the same buttons clips, ties, cuff, shoulder boards, pleats and toes/ same /each suited row / the epistemological crack-down ....   we had to run......

its not Jill's whore talking that way but her hurried hair. This frizzy body is best. is beautiful.

keep them out you

out whence the river.....


                                           keep the worm peak

                                             open the bream . whale the furlow

                                                   tidy up your wormhole notes
                                                                        we're going for a  possible.