Jill &  very nice flute / or very lice toot? was the question of the forgotten desiremachine that'd keep the piece. a piece of molecule, of ass in your eye tag meant to be blown into Jacky's baloon . and the childhood going back and black and the soldiers have torn d o w n the street and normied teen is what's become of the Momaoedipus what a rescension is that the word ? this normie who wants to want. Or normoid rather with the lips redone a tthe cost of thousand an thousand of capitalist dollar . just to looka certain high cheeked jawbone lip puffed out a look the well fucked appearance of the body of the body? what body is this normoid queen of ripped fire? alterity celebrity? its not hegel's alien being fr sure? now what are you doing this on the Irish tilt wifetrading? Shall we bisexual our boxes? i ate rock nroll. do bone get bitter on old time island an appearance of noun an phrase torn from the likely bed of salt. finding this 'true' love as close to Platonic inteference as is likely. and possible as her thigh. was the tempting tense. of desire romance and love first beat. rained by the effort of the flute and the leaving go of the oedipus mama . not that it sank that wasy but the room was vacant not bodies there to keep the spirit up. was this the staging area of the dead? it's the living that suffer.

                                        ( america feels guilty of everything. america is guilty of its present and past . in spite of it s 'black' president . who's resident in the white house who's ass is white? the toilet bowls are white.....)

           it shld. too. what is the statue of liberty ? an old gate holding the rag of war (e) at bay? is this her torn skirt the blood others at the world wake? who's waking the dead of the snow felled city and the walkers . tromping. no  tramping on the country .. it's that word echo. of narcissitic pale.

on e calls back to the mail. -------------- Mona has buried the sun and revived the dead. this is in keeping with the multitudinous simulataneos resurrection

and the woman heavy lips of the spoiled          ~.

 and the reaching down of the shade 

   and the ring worn book of