Mona's ha...

Mona's hamadryad's hamstrung by eyes and numbers, owls and vows. A right thing's she'd have to turn it round twice in one cadenced day,a capable numbering pausing mood, case, receipt, blank eyes, feet on the back of her spine and head. Beside which anything was a cake walk.A statation to station walk.

 Not that anyone, noticebabley t he kids, can tell the differnce. between a clock of mews and seriou studies in portrait collecting. An understudy would be betttter!

She's a communist cell of her own kind bearing the full fatter moon of big old days on the coming over the mountain soon. Soon baby, soon. real soon.

Quicker than the next period. or worse. epochs galore. Perhaps this is the utopia she was talking about in Book 4.

   Fat chance! O  Aj's buttocks, what buttocks they made you smile. Don't they?