the ANus Thong

So the Anus song cycle ending  ~ iota coyote ring thrush the hushbush /lush to its tawny hoofs  ~. the special ass round as smooth the Mouth horus hoarse as the air  ~ pungent with breath of gods  ~.

Mona' fillybright scholar and on the hub of the lip her craning neck forward forward her stallions call harry! harry t heir horse bent panes


If every sex has a god she's this one. Witched by her blooming sakes.  Rounded by peace and violet morsel on the electronic morning . Salsa and pawl her hooked knee rotating cuff 

   ~  if this navy retreat fairs her banks she's prescient to her dolls and adoration   ~.
  Timid as clover rough as alabaster she's   ~ yes, there. As her two handed kiss gives everyday shape and fool of the effort . This beauty'd keep you busy    ~her long breasts and knocking knees and rafting legs a full meridan of gestures and pawing thigh to thigh in the window sill her adroit
adorning  ~ . 

Mona trundle turning the page o f her lap to lap tongue to mouth kiss Jill's held head clutching.   Jacky's furrowed between the prowling hands of his trouble lover   ~   Hissed by the love of her triple awned kiss  ~