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 Mona's heel is broken. Mona's heels are broken. she's lasted as  long as earthly powers can bring. Onion of sole and bawdy as the rutting. As the breeding mouths of .  If there's a way to  it she will. As reckoning  ~ and tramping splay legged  .At forty-five she knows what's good and bright as air to a tawny duck . A purple bird  extinguishing the flame of  well-dressed suitors. A suitor bowing before his au pair woman,a woman two benches down playing with herself, her kerchief and veil, and old fashioned black one,  tilted to one side of her dainty visage. Yellow along the warm wall hyacinth and glittering in their only stew gems, zircon,nipples, clattering the expectations and panting gasps of masturbating  men and boys. Trapped in . Not trapped,but ganged in? the homosocial trade off poor buggers with no mummy to fuck and suck them to sleep lulluaby baboes to Oedial suck my head to death. O death you farm yard chase. O chastened bull of the  bilious giant holding us back.

She      hefted a pole
Vaunted a garden
held a race

 Near the quiet of the quaint a hardly sound awoke   ~