Is that how you do it silvery lighter lover? Sylvan as the clasp?  Is the double-sphincter'd one one? Is it ? not so the word mouth clasped escapade. Not the triad of unity or the riant smile . Eyes, hers, the hairs, nerves, pin clasp. What dog grasps this night? Handmaiden to his trace , travel, trail, trade, rave ,,  his , the where its all  . And not a period to between. Its cunning gums, and the arms of them  , uterus , ,   utterly  ~ and shambles the trace of . And P, the heavy hipped, him pulled to her lachrymose, the ugly  visage, heavy in its work lines. Goddess (dodges) __ in her ramble. The thighs pressed. Pulled into the kneeling posture.

His hungry mouth moth to her .     Heard her  , and the heavy set goddess    ~ .

 ___________________________________________ And if there's no way. Then hay the mow, of the
fidde de do, and the cramps. Worn down. The camp. Her bivouac. Poured on the right. No, on the weight. No, on the road. it was.
ANd cOmpose Compose, Je suppose tu comprends ça et avec les fleurs de poitrine and les haunches , et   la 
mer si blanc     ~  

On parle comme on écrit avec les deux mains dans le  chose le sel, le mer est attendue . Et  Jill me parler, elle parle des choses,  tu parler on parler nous parlons nous parler dans le 'parlour'. Et quand tu était enfant dans ton quartier tu  a ,   mais quoi tu a? Tu a perdue tout ça?  Bien non, on a trouve tout ça dans l’écriture   ~.

Alors, Jill est mon amant lesbienne de double devenirs ,, des choses et des choses , des chose de mots   ~ .


Et    ~