mOna parried prayed..

 For the end has been no beginning . Mister Moses and Mister Mouth. And your cock rod to your swine god turnin' away its tablet .And its genoosh and gash to its prayer wheel. Hare Billy Hare Billy Hare Billy Hare Billy. She swung out Anni Oakly clitoris fingering the strange mountain.

She  here is what she said

"Mona parried and prayed; the end of the world for the end the end of the world. For the end ofthe world as the; swing of the;to end this filthy hole called Life. Life the farce we all must play. She&; said quoting Rimbaud to end the world to end the world to end the world to end the world. To end. To End. To END. END it End It End it End it End itfinally at last to end it - over the Bride's stepping bare their dead bachelors and the backs of America which was dead was diseased dead ended dead their dead end dead end never nevernerve gaz of dead and the dead And with God on their Side with God ontheir Side and I Mona prayedfor the end of Time of America which made TImeand Prayed for the End of China and Russia and Britian and Endof NationEndof NAtion -- as the Voice of William Blake screamed whirling over thevast abysses of the dead Whirling in the dead cement of their dead babiesas the polar ice caps melted"

Now dig it that cat can write. her paws in the milk the silk of sunken kindness and puffy lips of a cry baby cat. 

She came over . Jinn-djinn to ~ouija board not hoard to the coin collector .  Of her clock. And other symbols. The lazy bums of the south. Not the north as desire ran the  fleet   ~. Come along my fairies my far east   ~.

_________________________ Are these farcies? only by her lips you'd in old far  ... R   ..  . nia    ~ .