sure to be(come)

End there you ass. Kiss weep to your Eyes. Iyes comes along shakeing ass at your repause. Repause says its the dinner and debut when we. No it cant' t become. this roughed up eyepage cant break the watermark of the smitten wearrer. Not my job to connecting the reconnoitering selves slave to their best pen and fucked off the mouth of vulgar. It's idiom then , is it?

Start here at the end ... tough word that was coming along its ridge building its path ... the needle spider web.. no ghost'd tarnish this pavement rear.. along the swishy wood

firecrackers and sunrises certain to bloom over the edge colliding with the forest and its
face ... lorn to its slang tracking

bitter as the illusion

one arrives and
the land speaks haughty
desire'a long gone

war never ending ..grimace hammering ... .
Shove off this pate. Grammar to your rule. Logic to your Remus. Come along me quad hear's the one listened gate at the palling fact, her heavy swung breasts.



It's a rough setting says she weakend by hours over this poor place....

Jill won't find her feet...