carpet and

carpet and fragment the magic team . remember that ?
The Commune Woke Up. It Shat in The Face. The Face Shat Back? Come Again Dirty Dog. What day is That? It's the onethey shot the Workers. It was Then. After They Was Blood in the Street. In Spain Was the Same. Bitches and Dogs Eating in Restaurant. Ambitious Ego. One hundred and so many others off and Odd. A delirouus? Come again. Oona. No and Another. The Commune Came Home_ Not rights of Coalition But Wrongs to Right. Okay So its Wrongs Coalition Recollective.

__________________In the fancy restaurants they eating. yes,How Many Died for No Reason. The Commune Moved all over. Moved Over. Moved Here and There. In your Palm. Okay You IpOd. Yer EyEPHONE.

__________________The Commune is the Beach Above the Pavement.
______________________The Commune is love his hands reached to His Beloved.
_________________________________________Kissed her sigh of Piece.