Mona has not made this

when I find
my indefinite brain emulsion I''ll be fine the. whoop and way-out of redlight green blue churned amber'll spell the speedy day of indefinite articles. my sandals 'll pay your way.

this way you come close to Mona's fictions. her happy skippy boomdock dance. pavannE ! Mighty Trailer! along t he movie of self and your poetry making days. Not the sad match books of deadening rapporrt. or the sadness of its painful.
we wont do that.

will we? this is the battered ram . Mona' s cage twenty-five centimes.
There are no more centimes and more's the poverty for it. man moves toward more conformity. The end of racism does not mean the start of Utopia. One has to write Utopia into the veins. Not like Sir Thomas More and his boring blandishment of t he state punishing machine. Enuff of that. She said,her skirl skirt tumbling away to her half-way down thighs.

________________________MOna has written a play
A potatoe! She's Jill to herself and the others personae are not character and their defects and runaway double blind double agents cunningly changing sides trade secrets galore in the gambler gooey selves.

Jill; to seulement student . CP. is there. So is Cl.D~. it s the altered hours of French consciousness. 1978/ The lione walks in arrived from Italy. hes got the code and formula for revolt. Metropolitan Indias are autonomously not working. Independly stay ing at Home
Fou a Delire is their gear.

she came to study as a translator but left as a debater!
Excuse moi! but Im not into the leftright cinema of desire Mama et Putain! Monsieur Monsieur les schizos sont patrolles dans les rues.
Quelle language you speak
What parole de jour in yer lingobingo!
Thither me timber.
Timbre me posting.

I have been the freud of your dream
royal road to bearing consciousness straight!
as way-laid we line up
our given and taken.


MonaAh has found again the consciousness of escape. her love passing by every stranger. She's kinder than jewel.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Report tothe Front Desk Mona
we've found the centaur century for you ~!
I t was not afte rall was said et done
the 20th
but the 21 st in all its glory and bim bam bum ~ .