Jill woke up becoming

deleuze woke up reading Hippolite fell back asleep woke up writin'about Hume He was vroomvroomvroom! henceforward there was no more of that. She was weird in her wired an event come seeking. Who'd be so dull as to believe a man in interview, dying as he breathed his last.

Well! __________________ Franny moved his crybaby carriage. they were many monstrous devenirs and the best and worst were the betrayal and bereft of any juice comme laude she moved along the asshole page, checking out the notorious seeding season.

is that, my dear, a HiPPoLyte or a Hiipocrene! what oath bound one to the follies of youth in a telephone booth ? Knocking on the windowpane next door to german philosopher of the dialectic ~

what singular communism made love a bucket? what was the nothing chasing the rabbit its own tale of fury and woof? its' commonweal was woe , not chicken and rice.

Franny Guattari sending telegrams. Jill becoming herself woman as the becoming mermaid of this tide
and the Fanny speak!

Its well known that there are hegelians that work for the police! along with sly debt incurred thus they're rewarded amply with telephones, holidays, cheap resorts, and all sorta payback.

these police are the ones in the molecule and the molarcule. and the paranoid is the attempt to force and interpretation. they are they cops of desire and poetry, the constables of philosophy.......

Remember O Clare the Dialogues!


hegelians are privat e paranoid police
they bit
round the BWo.

the weak link.
the remainder is capture machine.